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Sadie peeks into her husband, Charlie's open office door. She recognizes the signs immediately. The blank computer screen and the vacant stare means only one thing-- writer's block. In addition to his best selling novels, Charlie likes to write erotic stories and read them to her while she fucks herself with the dildo. It always leads to some of their best sex but with the work of the new book, they haven't had very much time to indulge in one of their "sessions." Sadie had grown so aroused when he had announced that he was off to write one and now she feels disappointed. But she has an idea to inspire him.

Without a word she walks into the office and spins his desk chair to face her. He looks at her in surprise but know his wife well enough to ask questions. She unbuttons her blouse so that her ample breasts are just visible and reaches up to let her hair cascade down from its tidy bun. Charlie's eyes widen as she begins to sway her body to music that only she can hear. He reaches a hand out to caress the skin between her tits but she moves away teasingly. With a small smile, she continues dancing erotically while she slowly peels the clothes from her body. His breathing quickens at the sight of her tits bouncing from her dance. She doesn't miss a beat as the last lacy scrap of her clothing hits the floor. He stands up to take her in his arms but she shakes her head "no" and begins running her hands up and down her nude body.

Sadie can see the bulge of his erection as she lifts her tit up to suck her own nipple. She moans a bit at the sensations she is creating for herself. Her pussy grows hot with desire. With one finger, she runs it along the lips between her legs to catch the wetness gathered there. Charlie takes a deep gulp of air when she lifts the finger to his lips and traces them with her juices. He takes it in his mouth and sucks it greedily. Running his tongue around his lips to collect all of her sweet taste, he again tries to pull her to him. She backs away and points to the computer. "No, you write. I want the hottest, steamiest story you've ever written tonight. I'll be in the jacuzzi...entertaining myself." She turns and leaves him gawking after her. She smiles with satisfaction when she immediately hears the sound of his fingers flying over the keys on the keyboard.

Sadie gets out every candle they own and sets them burning around the hot tub. She sets the timer and settles herself down into the bubbling water. The jets massage her body into a state of relaxation. She leans her head back and closes her eyes. Reaching down, she takes a breast in each hand and rubs them softly. A moan escapes her lips at the feeling of the bubbles massaging her ass. She allows her body to float up a bit and her clit is now getting the force of the jet. Rubbing her tits harder, she presses back against the wall of the tub. The water has worked her clit into a throbbing nub and the juices of her desire are flowing freely, mixing with the water. Her moans become louder. She wants a cock inside her now! She grabs the long dildo behind her and thrusts it into her needy cunt. With a contented sigh, she begins fucking herself roughly with the dildo. The bubbles on her nipples feel like the light flicker of a lover's tongue. She can feel the onset of an orgasm building inside her. She angles the cock so that it is grinding her clit as it moves in and out of her. Her feet are planted firmly on the concrete bottom of the tub and her body is tensed in preparation for the coming climax. She thrusts the dildo deep inside as she cums. Her clit contracts and her body relaxes as the sensations inside her wind down.

Slowly she opens her eyes and finds herself looking at her husband. He is still completely clothes but the button and zipper of his jeans are undone. He has his cock in one hand and a piece of paper in the other. Sadie can feel her pussy growing hot again at the sight before her. She steps out of the tub and walks over to her husband. Dropping down on her knees before him she takes his throbbing rod between her wet hands and starts a slow massage. She sucks the drop of salty precum from his tip. He thrusts his hips forward, forcing himself deep into her mouth. Sadie begins to suck and lick his dick eagerly. She loves giving him blow jobs. The power that she have over him when she takes him into her mouth is an aphrodisiac. She looks up directly into his eyes as he fucks her mouth. She feels his cock grow even harder as he moves deeper into her throat. His increasingly ragged breath tells her how close to cumming he is. She gives one last long lick from his balls to the tip of his dick and gets on her feet.

Sadie watches him as he rids himself of his clothes. His movements are graceful and slow despite his lust. Button by button, he reveals the chest that she has laid her head on so many times for comfort. As he removes his shirt, she thinks back to the many times she has teased his nipples until he begged her to stop. Her eyes travel to his long fingers. Those fingers have typed some of the most erotic stories she's ever read. Those fingers have stroked her body to unbelievable heights of passion. She longs to run her tongue up and around each and every one of them.

She reaches down and picks up the piece of paper that her husband had let flutter to the ground while she was pleasuring him. She feels the wetness in her cunt developing again as she reads his tale of a husband's surprise for his timid wife. The fictitious husband found his wife's private journal only to find the she used the book to write her sexual fantasies in. Sadie begins to rub a hand over her tits as she reads how the wife came home to find a beautiful naked woman tied to their bed. Charlie had described the teasing and lovemaking in exquisite detail. The evidence of the success of his story was trickling down Sadie's thighs.

He kneels down in front of Sadie and runs his tongue along her dripping slit. He feels her shaky legs threatened to buckle underneath her when his tongue touches her throbbing clit. Pulling her gently down on the cold concrete, he opens her legs as wide as they will go. He begins to kiss the lips of her pussy as he would her mouth. He takes quick little nibbles of clit, drawing loud moans from deep inside her. He slips one finger inside her and rubs her g-spot. Sadie takes her nipples between her fingers and twists them brutally. The painful feeling mixed with the pleasure of his mouth pushes her over the edge. She clamps her thighs tightly around his head as she cums hard against his mouth and fingers.

Charlie doesn't allow her time to recover. He turns her over and helps Sadie onto all fours. Kneeling behind her, he jams his cock roughly into her cum swollen pussy. The concrete bites painfully into her knees as he slams in and out of her violently. She pushes back to meet his thrusts when he reaches under and strokes her clit between his fingers. His balls are slapping hard against her ass. She feels his body as it tenses behind her. He pulls out just as his cock starts shooting its hot load. He rubs it up and down the back of her, painting her ass with his cum.

Charlie leans over and begins to clean her with his tongue. Once her ass is fully tongue-bathed. he lays down on his back to pay attention to her pussy. Pulling her down on his face, he laps hungrily at her sweet cunt. She reaches down and plays with her clit while he fucks her with his tongue. She feels her climax drawing nearer and buries his face with her cunt. His fingers replace his tongue, tickling her g-spot with every stroke. Sadie's orgasm hits her so forcefully that she lets an animal scream loose.

They get up and tiredly walk hand in hand to their bedroom. Holding each other, they drift off to sleep. Sadie dreams of Charlie's next story. Charlie dreams of what it would be like if Sadie did the writing. Maybe next time?

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